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    If I currently have 1 property that handles direct bookings that don’t go via HA and am now going to add 2 urban properties that will rent via AirBnB, is the simple answer to add in AirBnB channel management and upgrade from legacy to owner management? Am I missing anything in this logic?

  • MyVR Employee

    Hey Ted,

    I’d be happy to provide some clarification around upgrading. If you are interested in using MyVR’s Airbnb channel management functionality, that will require upgrading to a new plan. We don’t offer Airbnb channel management on our legacy plans.

    Once you’ve upgraded to a new plan, you can add Airbnb channel management to your account. You are free to increase the number of properties on your account at any time, and the promotional discount we’ve offered will apply to the properties you add as well.

    Please let me know if this answers your question or if there is more clarity I can provide.


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    Thanks. I got that far. If I’m doing these new properties just on AirBnB and looking at Flexible Pricing, I’m not yet sure the added value is there. Maybe what I will try to do is add the two properties and see how it goes. I will do the setup now to hopefully figure that out while you are still trying to convert legacy customers. Thx.

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