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    Is there a way to inactivate a website (ie, make it invisible) without actually deleting it?



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    Hey Jenny,

    There isn’t a direct way to this from within the product presently . That said, we could unpublish it for you upon request, and we may eventually add this functionality to the product. There are some complexities that have prevented us from making it accessible within the product (customers can have active quotes to the website, there are billing challenges, etc).

    I’m curious to learn more about the use case for future product discussions. Is this an active website that customers frequent? Or is it just a website you’ve played around with creating?


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    This was a property I managed for another owner, but am no longer under contract to manage, since the unit is to be sold this month. I created the website for the property, but want to temporarily disable it until the new owner decides whether or not to have me manage the property going forward. If they decide not to do so, I’ll delete it, but I prefer not to have to re-create it if they decide to use my services.

  • Hi @Jenny-Oest. Setting up a redirect through your domain name registrar is a potential solution. You could arrange for potential renters to be redirected to another one of your websites – perhaps your multi-property website – when attempting to visit the website you wish to disable. As I mentioned above, this would be done through your registrar. However, if you purchased your domain name through MyVR, you would need to contact us to set this up.


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    @Danny-Eiden - I’m not using a custom domain name in this case. I’ll just leave it for now. It’s only 3 weeks.

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