How do I decide between a Home Owner plan and a Property Manager plan?

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    I’m reading over the upgrade offer for existing customers.
    I currently have 2 properties of my own and that is what the pricing is based on.
    I’m entertaining the option of managing and listing properties for other owners in my area.

    What is the difference between and owner with multiple property listing and a property manager with up to 5 properties?
    The pricing looks to be less with the property manager option.

  • MyVR Employee

    @David-Illig Good question. Once you get to 3-4 properties, the question of whether to go with an Home Owner plan vs. a Property Manager plan requires some thought.

    Very generally, I’d start by figuring out which of MyVR’s features you want to use and how many properties you want to accommodate for right now, as this will serve as the basis for which plan makes the most sense. Then I would use that to determine which Home Owner option and which Property Manager option (all options here) make the match your requirements best. With those two plans chosen, you can evaluate how they compare price-wise and make a choice.

    A couple key considerations:

    • How rapidly do you see your business/number of properties changing? This could influence both which features you need and whether you can commit to an annual subscription term.
    • Do you plan to advertise on both HomeAway/VRBO and TripAdvisor/FlipKey? With those subscriptions included in the cost of the Everything Bundle for Home Owners, the economics of that option can be very attractive.

    Lastly, I altered the title of your post so others looking for this information can more easily find it.

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