Legacy Subscription features vs Flexible subscription features?

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    Hey John,

    I’ve attempted to answer each question below…

    If I stay at “Legacy” what is the base annual cost of membership for that going forward?
    You can stay on your legacy plan and continue to pay the same amount you pay now. The price of our legacy plans has not changed.

    If I stay on the “Legacy” program, currently I do not pay the 1.49% fee on bookings from HA/VRBO and/or TA/FlipKey. Would that continue to be the case or will the 1.49% fee go into effect for 2017 regardless if I stay at “Legacy” or not?
    Similar to the above, you’ll continue to pay what you pay now. If you stay on the legacy plan, your fees, or lack thereof, will be the same.

    If I stay at “Legacy” level and want to add AirBnB integration, I will need to pay the $49 annual fee plus the AirBnB 3% fee plus the MyVR 1.49% fee for that correct or is that arrangement different for “Legacy”?
    Unfortunately Airbnb is not available on legacy plans. With the legacy plans you can continue to enjoy the functionality you’ve always had at the same price you currently pay, but new functionality will only be added to our new plans. You can read more about this in the pricing update we sent out.

    It’s worth clarifying the $49 fee for Airbnb is a one time integration fee to get the listing setup. You only pay it once, it is not ongoing (I’m going to updating our pricing page so that’s clearer). We do charge a 1.49% channel management fee for an Airbnb listing. This would be in addition to Airbnb’s standard pricing.

    Please let me know if I can provide any more details.

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    Mike, you are being extremely helpful through all of this - Thank You!

    I am trying to determine which is the best way to go forward with all of this.

    Currently we have HA/VRBO & TA/FlipKey as part of our MyVR integration platform.

    It appears that when Guests come through any of these Listing Sites with an inquiry and Book with MyVR account, Our Guests DO NOT pay the “Service Charges” that the Listing Sites have implemented this past year. We also do not pay a Listing Site fee due to using the annual subscriptions available through MyVR.

    If we decide to go with one of the newer membership options, I understand the 1.49% fee to MyVR but will be subject to the HA/VRBO and/or TA/FlipKey fees and will our Guests be subject to the Service Fee?

    If we want to add AirBnB, I now understand the $49 one time fee and that we would HAVE to change from "Legacy"and pay the 1.49% fee to MyVR…but would we be subject to the 3% fee to AirBnB and would our Guests be charged the Service Fee?

    The Guest Service Fee is really disturbing to me as I believe it hurts the “Hospitality” image many of us are trying to portray. I understand that the GREAT folks at MyVR have NO control over this…but it still sucks!



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    Hey John,

    These are great questions, I’m happy to continue to clarify. As you’ve highlighted, every channel has unique behavior and what they do depends on how the channel operates, the type of listing you have, and whether or not you’re a property manager (PM) or rent-by-owner (RBO). The industry has been changing rapidly as it evolves. Just a few years ago, nearly every listing site used a subscription based listing model, didn’t charge a booking fee to managers, and didn’t charge a traveler fee. Today, pay-per-booking is more common and traveler fees are nearly ubiquitous.

    With HomeAway/VRBO, there are two primary listing types - pay-per-booking and subscription. And with subscription listings, you can have online booking enabled or disabled - meaning a renter can book the property immediately online via the HomeAway/VRBO website or just submit inquiries. With MyVR channel management for RBOs, we are presently only able to offer subscription listings with online booking enabled. This is the case irrespective of the plan you’re on. Historically, we could offer subscription listings with online booking disabled, but we’re not able to do so presently (this may change in the future). So whether you’re on a legacy plan or new plan, MyVR customers with less than 5 properties are only able to use HA/VRBO listings with online booking enabled.

    HomeAway adds a small fee, paid by the traveler, for all bookings initiated on their websites. That traveler fee exists whether or not a listing utilizes channel management. Bookings initiated from within MyVR will not be subject to HomeAway’s traveler fee, even if the inquiry originated from a HomeAway website. So renters that inquire via your HomeAway listing but do not booking directly via HomeAway will not be subject to the traveler fee. If they book on HomeAway, however, they will.

    With our TripAdvisor/FlipKey offering for RBO’s, all listings managed through MyVR are currently subscription based and without online booking. You receive inquiries from renters and the transaction is conducted via MyVR and not subject to any traveler fees.

    Regarding Airbnb, all listings are online bookable and payments happen on the Airbnb platform. As such, all bookings are subject to Airbnb’s host fees and traveler fees.

    Hopefully this clears things up, although it’s a lot to digest! Let me know if I can clarify further. And note that I’ve catered my answers above to an RBO use case (< 5 properties), but the answers would be slightly different for a PM.

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    Hi Mike,

    I am also on a Legacy plan and received the offer to upgrade. I tried to find a way to contact MyVR about my options, but couldn’t seem to find the right avenue. I would prefer to have a quick conversation over the phone with you or another employee who can review my current plan and types of listings and what I would receive if I switched to the new plan. It isn’t quite clear what the difference is, to me anyway!


    Linnaea (Windsock Management)

  • MyVR Employee

    @Windsock-Acres Hi Linnaea - I shot you a private message; I’d be happy to go over the options with you. Thanks!

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    I’m having difficulty trying to figure out what my cost will actually be, so I have several questions too.

    When the 1 or 2 year upgrade expires for the Everything Bundle, will the cost be $99/per month? Will I keep the same credit card processing rate or would it go up to 2.99%? And, based on what I’m reading from the previous posts, if I upgrade I would now have to start paying the channel management fees of 1.49%.

    I’m trying to do a side-by-side comparison of features, but I’m not even quite sure what the Legacy Plan includes. I know I currently pay separate fees for VRBO/Homeaway & TripAdvisor, but my website and Advance Channel Management are included in the plan at no additional cost, correct?

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    Hi @Cindy-Nelson -

    Some of these are easy for me to answer, but some are specific to your situation and may require you to reach out to support.

    OK, first thing first… The Everything Bundle is sold only annually because we really only know our costs for this plan for the following year or so, as the majority of the costs of the Everything Bundle are actually coming from the costs of the listings . E.g. HomeAway just raised their listing prices for customers from $349 to $399 and we didn’t make any changes to the Everything Bundle yet. I’d definitely expect the Everything Bundle to increase a little from year to year to reflect these kinds of changes. The industry also changes rapidly, and who knows… we could add or remove listing partners in the years to come, so it’s hard to lock someone into an Everything Bundle any longer than one year, especially since this is a new plan we’ve introduced and we’re learning a lot by interacting with customers who are using it.

    As an aside, I’ll share that we’ve contemplated framing how we represent the cost of the Everything Bundle differently, since most of it is actually going right back out to our partners to cover listing costs. We chose to market the higher price as we are ($99/month) vs what MyVR actually receives (a small % of that) because we wanted to err on the side of people understanding their total out-of-pocket cost, but we’re finding that not all users intuitively understand what’s going on and that only a small portion of that goes towards the MyVR software and that the cost INCLUDES the listing cost that they’re used to paying separately.

    Some users get sticker shock by seeing a cost of $1200 a year for software for one property, when in actuality, I think upwards of $800-$900 of that is now going towards the listings. We could just show our cost and then indicate that it requires listings on all the sites, but that could be confusing in other ways. Anyway, I hope my aside helps shed some light into how it’s working, the costs, and how those costs depend on our partnerships.

    The new plans do start at ~2.99% for credit card processing and channel management processing fees are 1.49% and the annual fees for channel management that we used to charge on some legacy plans would not exist anymore.

    Lastly, it’s a little hard to do a generic side by side of the new plans vs “the Legacy Plan” because there is not just one legacy plan - there were many from over the past 5 years that customers are on. We made a few small tweaks to structure over the years as we started moving towards what we have now (e.g. we create the concept of modules and add-ons), so we really need to look at what you personally have based on when you signed up. So, I apologize for the extra step, but if you wouldn’t mind giving Support a shout (just choose the “report a problem” option) and we can walk you through it in detail for your personal situation.

    Let me know if you have other general questions (that apply to others) and I’ll answer them here. If you have more questions about your specific situation, please reach out to support and we’ll answer ASAP, as I know time is running out on the offer.


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    @Jonathan-Murray Thank you for the additional information. I’ll reach out to support regarding the specifics for my account.

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    Hello. I have legacy and channel management of VRBO/HomeAway. Is it correct that the requirement of channel management is have online booking with HomeAway, and if the guest chooses to book online at HomeAway they will be charged the HomeAway booking fee (avg 6% of their booking), but if they happen to generate an inquiry rather than a booking request that they ultimately avoid the HomeAway fee?

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    Hi! That’s how it currently works.

    I can’t speak for HomeAway or what changes they’ll make down the road, but currently the traveler pays the Service Fee when the booking is initiated on the HomeAway family website.

    An inquiry that is converted to a booking later, but was submitted on the HomeAway family website and booked later in the software (and not on the HA website) currently does not have this fee applied.

    Of course, the protections and benefits that come with the Service Fee (namely, the “Book with Confidence Guarantee”) also would not be applicable. More on that: https://help.homeaway.com/articles/What-is-the-service-fee-and-how-does-it-work

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