Is VRBO covered?

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    I recently started using and have just one listing site live, Airbnb. I’d like to add VRBO as well. Is this included in the $29 monthly myvr fee? If so, is there a tutorial on steps to set-up VRBO? Thank you.

  • MyVR Employee

    @Amy-Nack -

    Hey there! You’ll want to start by reviewing the information in our HomeAway for Owners app here: VRBO is a part of the HomeAway listing bundle, as you may know. There are a lot of nuances about how it works, so please review the information closely and feel free to follow-up with any specific questions here after doing so.

    As for costs, there’s the cost of the subscription listing and there’s a 1.49% channel management fee on bookings. If you don’t have a listing at HomeAway/VRBO yet, you can purchase one through us. If you have an existing listing there already, you can integrate that with MyVR but you’ll need to transfer it to MyVR’s account in order to do so. This is all spelled out in great detail in the app documentation linked to above.


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