Airbnb Setup... What is the Next Step?

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    I have installed the airbnb PM app and after “integrating” all the properties I wanted, it now says “hold tight, your listing is ready for airbnb to review.”

    What other steps do I need to take, or do I just wait?

  • Hey @Chad-Service,

    Thanks for reaching out. I replied privately with one small fix to a rate typo, but other than that you do not have any steps to take at this point. After these listings are approved there will be one more step, a review transfer request, that I’ve outlined below.

    I’d also like to take this opportunity to outline the lifecycle of a listing from the “Integrate Listing” click to the listing going live. Each Airbnb integrated listing is manually reviewed by an Airbnb representative and either approved or rejected. Once you click “Integrate Listing” a listing import is created and your data is pulled by Airbnb. Each listing starts in the “submitted” state when the data is first submitted. If your listing data is all valid including rates, descriptions, photos, bedrooms and amenities, Airbnb will automatically transition your listing to the “ready for review” state. This means the listing can be reviewed by an Airbnb representative. They are screening for a number of items related to the quality and potential of the listing. For example, region (Airbnb does not allow integrated listings in some regions), number of bedrooms vs. photos of bedrooms, photo quality, spammy titles or descriptions, amenities and a number of other items. If the listing meets their requirements they will set the listing to the “approved” state and it will go live. If the listing does not meet their requirements for some reason, they will set the listing to “rejected” and they will let MyVR support know the reason for rejection.

    It’s worth noting that as soon as the listing goes live, you may start receiving instant booking requests, so it’s important to make sure your MyVR calendar accurately reflects the availability of each property.

    If you have an old Airbnb account with reviews, the final step in the integration is to submit a review transfer request. This process involves building a spreadsheet with mappings from the old Airbnb listing ID to the new Airbnb listing ID and is something that MyVR can assist with. A rep at Airbnb will transfer the reviews for you. The “old” listings will automatically be set to “inactive” as soon as the transfer is complete. Any reservations associated with the “inactive” properties will still be valid and visible in your dashboard. However, the inactive properties will no longer be visible in search, and therefore will not continue to receive bookings.

    It’s worth noting that Airbnb is currently in a closed for the holidays period (until January 5) and are not officially reviewing any new submissions.

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    Awesome. Thanks. This is very helpful. Ive fixed the rates issue, and was just wondering if I was waiting on Airbnb or if they were waiting on me.

    Thanks again!

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    I modified the title of this topic slightly so that it’s more easily discoverable later by other users.

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    Can you walk me through how I go about the review transfer request / spreadsheet building necessary for transferring over my Airbnb reviews?


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    sorry, I have many quetsions:

    Now that my Airbnb account is synced up and it created a new one, I don’t seem to have a profile picture on the new Airbnb account. How do I go about getting my old Airbnb profile photo mapped over to the new Airbnb (MYVR) based account?

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    I’ve been waiting on airbnb for approval (or rejection) for something close to 2 - 2.5 weeks.

    What is the normal amount of time it takes airbnb to review properties?


  • Hey Chad,

    We’ve seen Airbnb approvals take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. Given that your submissions started while Airbnb was on a holiday it could take a little longer.


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    OK thanks for the reply. I was just getting worried and was wondering if it was a normal time frame for them. I suppose they probably receive a lot of properties to review.

    Thanks again.

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    @Chad-Service I think the holiday was a big factor here. It shouldn’t normally take this long. As you may know, they shut down for a couple weeks and thus are likely working through a backlog across partners now. We are making sure we stay on top of our queue. Sorry, and thanks for your patience.

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    That timeline is alarming. I snoozed my old Airbnb listing (as instructed in many of the “how-to” articles and convos I found) but I can’t afford to be invisible for weeks during our busiest season of the year. Can I unsnooze until the new account gets approval? Or will that further delay the process?

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    @Mary-Beth-Ericson You can unsnooze the old one for now. I believe taking down the old one is something that actually happens during the process, so I don’t think you need to do it ahead of time, but @CJ-Avilla is the expert there. If I am misspeaking, he’ll put me back in my place!

    Anyway, apologies on the holiday shutdown. Not much we could do about that, but they did warn us that this would happen and we sent out an email in December alerting everyone. Hopefully everyone saw that.

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    Hi Chad. Just wondering if you ever got through the approval process? I’m at 2.5 like you were when you posted, and looking for some encouragement.

    Mary Beth

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