How do I add a redirect to my website?

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    Anyone know what the procedure is for redirects to prevent 301 errors if we change the url of any of the pages. For example, I have a page called “villa info” which says /villa-info/. What if we wanted to change it to /Jamaica-villa-rental for example? Could we just change it or would we have to submit a new sitemap everywhere or what? Thanks!


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    Hi Darrell,

    You can of course change it, and MyVR will automatically update your sitemap.

    If you want to add a redirect, you could do so here inside your website, and under additional options:


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    Hey Darrell!

    If you are rearranging pages of your website and you’d like to setup 301 redirects from old pages to new pages, you can do so from within your account. Head to the website in question and select the menu option “Additional Options” from the left hand navigation. Once selected, you will see a set of sub-menu options, including one for “Website Redirects”. Click on “Website Redirects” and you’ll be taken to a page where you can setup and manage redirects for your site.

    If there is a page you’ve moved, simply add a redirect from the old path ("/villa-info/") to the new path ("/jamaica-villa-rental/"). The new path will automatically be added to your sitemap. You should be good to go after adding the redirect. Any requests by search crawlers for the old page will pickup and record the redirect, and the new page will be present in your sitemap.

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