How to generate Refund Receipt

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    My clients are asking for refund receipts on email. Since there is a few days gap between refund and money actually getting credited - some guests get anxious and ask for proof of refund. Any idea how to generate a refund receipt?
    I tried to check Stripes too. No luck.

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    Hi @Vivin-Vaid -

    Have you see the ‘Reservation Refund’ transactional email within the Automation module? This can be set up to automatically notify the guest when reservation is processed, and you can customize the text used in that transactional email, if you like.


    Please let me know if that doesn’t answer your question!

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    HI Jon,

    Well - this is a an automated email. And its a email not a receipt.

    Guests are looking for a ‘Receipt’ - with a company name, guest name, amount refunded etc.
    I am attaching a generic sample.



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    Thanks for the added info.

    It sounds like you may want more than what we currently provide, but let me elaborate a little more in response to your last message about what we currently offer.

    While the email is automated, it can be queued (automatically, when the refund is triggered) without sending. This would allow you to then could go into queued email and add any info you want, e.g. your refunded amount.

    If this doesn’t suffice, then it sounds like you’ll want to submit a feature request. When you do that, please be as specific as possible regarding what would be most helpful for you regarding this. E.g. is your concern merely the information that you would like to see added to the email, or is email as the delivery mechanism not acceptable. Anything regarding what you’d like to see will be appreciated by the product team. Thanks!

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    Thanks Jon,

    Ok - I get it. A workaround could be that we could create a ‘receipt-like’ template in the refund email.

    Is there a way to have more smart tags? For example - a smart tag of the ‘refund amount’ would be helpful. Guest would like to know what amount has been refunded.


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    I found something in Stripes also. It seems refund receipt is possible.
    See link below.

    Let me play around and see if it meets my purpose

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    Here is how you can issue a refund receipt in Stripes.

    Go to ‘Payments’ tab of Stripes
    Find the guest who has to be issued a receipt.
    Go down to "receipt history’
    Click ‘send receipt’ (if you are doing it for first time - it will ask you to activate this feature)
    Enter the email addresses you want to send the receipt to - and click send. You can add your own email also - so that you can see what receipt has been sent.
    Thats it!!

    You can also customize your receipts.
    Go to ‘Account Settings’ (top right corner where your name is there)
    Go to ‘Email’s’ tab
    Go to 'Customize your email receipts" (bottom left of the screen) - and you can add your logo etc.

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