Split final payment into 2

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    How do I split a final payment?

    I have a quest that wants two parties to pay the final payment so I need to change the single payment into two.
    Thanks for any assistance.

    Brett Clifford

  • MyVR Employee

    Hi @Brett-Clifford -

    I think the following might work:

    You can edit the reservation and modify the payment schedule. You can split the remaining payment into two payments (separate them by a couple days so there is time for the following to happen).

    Have one of the renter’s pay the first and then send the booking link to the second renter so s/he can pay the second remaining payment. There’s an option on the reservation payment page to “add a card” when they make the payment, so the additional renter could add their own card.

    You might want to make sure that “automatic payments” are turned off for this reservation so that last payment, to the other renter, doesn’t automatically process on the prior card before the new card is added (this is why I suggested adding a day or two buffer between the new final two payments, just to be safe).

    I think that should work, but if not, I can ask my colleague, @Mike-Stachowiak to chime in if there are other ways to get this done. I’m not sure if he’s the office today but he’ll check in at some point…

    Let me know if that works?

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    I would try to use the One Off Charge for each of the payments, and once the total covers the payment due, then record the payment as made separately.

    0_1482813770219_Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 8.41.18 PM.png

    Hope that helps!


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    When I “modify the payment terms” I added a payment and it split it but it changed the amount due. The final payment was 3,147.50 but it changed it to $3,235.10??? I did copy the current quote but yet it changed it?

  • MyVR Employee

    @Brett-Clifford -

    I can see what happened. I believe the reason for the difference is that your rates and fees are different NOW vs when the reservation was originally created. When we create a new quote (which is what happens when you modify a reservation), the software grabs whatever you have as the default for new quotes, and this always includes your most current rates and fees. We show you the delta between your new quote and the old one specifically for situations like this, when the amount is different, so that you can adjust it before sending if you want.

    This can be easily adjusted before sending to the renter to match what you previously had. There are two ways to do this:

    1. manually adjust each line item so that they match what you previously had, or
    2. just add in a manual fee for a negative amount (the delta between the two quotes) and put in a description of “discount” or “adjustment”.

    Doing 1) is a more accurate fix, but 2) is quicker and easier. Jenny’s method above would also work (thanks, @Jenny-Oest!), if you prefer that, but you can do this by adjusting the reservation as you are doing.

    I’m going to follow-up with you privately by email with more details on how to do this for this particular reservation because I don’t want to share renter info in the Forum.

    Hope that helps… follow-up email coming with a screenshot.

  • MyVR Employee

    Actually, I was able to put together a visual of what you need to do, and it doesn’t show any sensitive info (I’m assuming it’s ok to show your rates since you’ve already spoken to the amount earlier in this thread). I thought this would be good to share in case anyone else runs into this in the future.

    Here’s a screen capture of the new quote I created off this existing reservation, and I highlight where it’s different than the prior quote/reservation terms. You can see the deltas in the rental rates and the per person fees (and thus the tax also changes).

    Hope that helps!

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    No worries showing the details. I will attempt this now. . I’m confused why when I modify my payment schedule and select my old quote and not create a new one. It ignores the old quote?

  • MyVR Employee


    Hey there! Well, it didn’t actually ignore your old quote. It actually shows you that your new quote was different than the old quote, and what the difference was, so that you can adjust for whatever it is you’re trying to do.

    The challenge is that once a “quote” is agreed to, it must be locked down. It would be a mess if we let you change quotes that had been agreed to. It’s important for us to keep a trail of all that has happened historically with a reservation, and we do this within the Quote History on the reservations tab. If we allowed users to change things that had been agreed to, it would be quite challenging to understand later what happened if we just overwrote what you had previously. And when you create new quotes, it uses your current terms, but we flag this when it’s different so that you can adjust, if you like.

    So, to change a reservation, you actually send a new quote to the renter. The renter can then accept the new quote and the new quote terms replace the old terms of the reservation (including the new payment schedule). You also have the option to just manually and immediately replace the terms of the reservation yourself, without sending to the renter to approve the change. We would then show in the reservation that the prior quote was agreed to by the renter, and the new ones, which you’ve marked as the terms of the reservation now, was never actually agreed to by the renter. We need to account for all kinds of changes from quote to quote (not just simple changes, like splitting a payment schedule), so this method provides you with a full history of all quotes you’ve created, which have been accepted by the renter, and which is being used as the current terms of the reservation.

    We have a lot of documentation around this in the help center which might be helpful in navigating this. I believe we have a video on this, as well.

    Does that make sense?


  • MyVR Employee

    To add to the above… you can have multiple quotes, but only one can be set as the terms of the reservation. So once you have a reservation, the terms of the reservation are from the quote that was accepted. You can then create a new quote, and you can choose to then make that the terms of the reservation or not. If you want it to be the terms of the reservation, you can either:

    • send the new quote to the renter and, when agreed to, that quote replaces the terms on the reservation, or
    • set that new quote as the terms of the reservation yourself and we simply note for you that the new terms weren’t technically accepted by the renter. We retain the history of the old quote and we keep the historical record of that being accepted by the renter.

    Regarding the latter, you may deem some things probably as NEEDING to be accepted by the renter (e.g. adding a night to a reservation already accepted) where as some things are minor and you may deem them less important to be accepted by the renter (e.g. splitting a payment into two, as you’re doing).

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