Transferring my MyVR account info to a new owner that purchased my property

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    I’m currently under contract to sell a rental property that I have and want to be able to pass along the website I built and all of my reservations info etc as seamlessly as possible. Is there a way for the new owner to establish an account and all of my reservation & website info transfer to that person?

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    @michael-schriver - that would require a support ticket and customized support. That’s not a common activity so I’m thinking not going to be a regular function.

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    Thank you for replying to my message, I kind of lost track of this issue and now that I’m just 8 days from closing on the sale I realized that I still have this big “to-do” item.

    How do I go about submitting a support ticket to see what type of option(s) I have? It seems like it would be much easier if I could speak with someone to try to explain my optimum end result. Is there a support number that I would be able to place a call to?

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    Hi @Michael-Schriver,

    You can reach MyVR support by logging into your MyVR account and clicking “Support” in the upper left corner. Please include a description of your request. Our team is glad to help!

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