Moving guest dates forward & changing booking policy?

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    I have a guest who is supposed to arrive in 2 weeks. She has asked to move her dates to a new date, 70 days from now. This would put her within the 100% refund range.

    I don’t have a problem moving her dates, but I do not want to offer her a refund and I want to protect myself from her canceling the new dates and getting a refund.

    When I make a new quote with the new dates, it doesn’t offer me a place to change the booking policy. She booked through VRBO. I even tried changing the source to MyVR but it still doesn’t show me a place to select a new booking policy.

    Am I missing something?

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    @carole I would tell her that the current reservation is non-refundable, but as a courtesy if she cancels her current dates, you will discount her next stay by $x amount. That way if she cancels, those amounts are not part of the reservation 🙂

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