Export a property out of my vr account

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    We currently have 3 properties on this account and I need to export one out. I would like to open a new my vr account with just that one property.

    The listing is connected to a vrbo listing which was recently renewed. VRBO has stated I can purchase a new listing and they would credit the amount left on this renewed one to the new one.


    • Can I export the entire listing with the history, future reservations, etc to a new my vr account?
    • What is the process of transferring a vrbo listing to a new account?
    • How does the stripe account get transferred to a new account?


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    @heidi-navarro Hi Heidi - that sounds like it’s going to need a support ticket for them to help you do that. That’s not a common activity and typically would require custom handling so I’d recommend you submit a support ticket for their customized assistance. 🙂

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