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    I want to test some 3rd party integrations, Zappier, and I need to make several tests. I really don’t want to put my real credit card through.

    I know that Stripe has the ability to use a “test credit card”, usually 4242 4242 4242 4242, a fake CSV code and any date in the future.
    They have several “test” numbers and I have used them in other programs.
    There are two modes when you go the Stripe site. Under the tab “Developers” there is the “API keys” section. When you turn the system on “Test Mode” you can get a different set of API Keys, the “Publishable key” and the “Secret Key”, usually starting with pk_test_######## and sk_test_######.
    The way it works on other systems is that you have the ability to change the mode by adding those codes in the Stripe interface.
    Where is that in MyVR?

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