Can you combine 2 properties with a 3rd listing advertising 2 homes together?

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    In Airbnb, I can create a 3rd listing where I advertise 2 homes that can be rented together and it will block the calendars accordingly if either home or both home rents. Will this sync properly within MYVR? Also, how would this work/ be set up for VRBO and will that sync the calendars as well?

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    I did this several years ago and it has been working fine.
    Search for the thread: Shared / Combination Properties – Calendar Management?

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    I did have to create a new listing on VRBO for the new large unit.

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    Pretty much thinking “No”. If one rents and it blocks both, I’m out. Never faced this challenge before.

    Just signed two (2) adjoining homes in Pebble Beach with Ocean Views. They even have a pathway, bridge and gate between them. (No kidding!)

    One is a four bedroom, the other is a three. Combined we could accommodate 14 guests (UNICORN) and book for that Capacity.

    I just don’t think we can fill at 95% Occupancy for that group size. I’ll have to ask my VRBO account Manager how frequently that request is made.

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