"Live" reservation / booking widget in SqSp site?

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    We’d like to integrate a ‘live’ booking / reservation widget into our SqSp site.

    Is the following comment from 2017 still accurate? Or … ?

    Q: "Is it possible to place a booking form on our website page?
    A: “We do not offer a ready-made booking form to put on a web page. You can, however, use MyVR.js to build a form that collects all relevant information (check in, check out, number of adults, etc.) before taking renters to the booking page MyVR provides. When the renter gets to the booking page, all of the information they filled out on your web page would already be filled in. We do not offer the ability to complete the entire booking process on 3rd party web pages because of issues with credit card security.”


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    Yes. Look in the Apps Menu for the Calendar Widget and Booking Widget.

    But before you go off platform building a website, check my post here:


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