Help loading video on to our web site.

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    Adding video to website.
    We have had a video on our MyVR website that shows the video with a play triangle. Users click on the play triangle and the video plays. I had to delete it because it was out of date. Now I am not able to re-install another video. I have add the field and pasted the HTML address but on our website I see the typed HTML address but not the video. So how to add the video? The video I need is up loaded to Youtube and I have the HTML address for it.

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    Hi Susan!
    Two ways to do this - via HTML widget where you create the space for the video then drag an HTML widget into that space. Next you’ll copy and paste your HTML code into the widget.

    The second way is to use the video widget instead of the HTML widget. With this you copy and paste the “video share” link into the video widget.

    Hope this helps!


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