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    Our Guest rental agreement states we do not refund processing fees on cancellations.

    MY VR does not currently have the ability to display your Custom Cancel Policy on the Vrbo merchandising platform. VRBO states:

    "Vrbo does have an API feed available to display custom policies but at this time your software, My VR has not built out the capability. "

    In our case, our Guest Rental Agreement reflects California Law. We are unable to refund the processing fees charged to us by the Credit Card processors as those funds never reach our Brokers Real Estate Trust account. We cannot use someone else’s funds to compensate another party.

    We and almost every other Property Management company in California have been following this practice since January 1, 2018, when the Credit Card Processors and Banks changed their Terms and Conditions. They no longer refund their processing fees on refunded or cancelled transactions since that date.

    Apparently, this request is three years overdue. Especially after handling hundreds of cancellation in 2020. It appears 2021 will potentially outpace last year. 30% of our bookings from February have already cancelled

    For those of you who do not wish to continue to absorb the Fees from Guest Cancellations, please vote for the opportunity to creat Custom Cancellation Policies at https://account.myvr.com/account/#/feature/voting/

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