Is it Possible to UNPUBLISH a website?

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    Is it possible to “unpublish” a website without deleting it?

    If you delete a website, is there an option to re-direct that link to another URL?

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    What the MYVR team has done for us is to create a new “active” site and change the designation of our old one as “old”. One caveat is to always be careful when selecting which site bookings and inquiries are associated with.


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    Redirecting URL’s can usually be done at the Registrar level.

    For example, we have a stable of domains that have yet to be developed. We redirect them to the most appropriate domain we have active.

    For example, if you type in (Our future Tahoe office) or even (our old WordPress website) it will take you to (Our active Carmel Vacation rentals)

    Making that change at the registrar level, you would not even need to Delete your MyVR website, the traffic would simply go to whichever domain you pointed it toward.

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    @jenny-oest - just to clarify - I’m interested in “unpublishing” one of my websites so that it’s not counted as an “active” website toward my total # of websites, but not lose all the set-up. I can re-direct the domains and cover the guest experience - was just wanting to “archive” the website, so to speak.

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    @jenny-oest - Yes, my response was in the context of the MYVR platform where the team can take down your current version, designating it as “old” and make a new version as “active” for you. Don’t know if this counts towards your current number of sites since it would now be inactive on the back end. You wouldn’t need to do redirects via the registrar level for this because the new site will simply replace your old one on the MYVR server. Your sitemap will most likely change significantly though, so that will require resubmission. As far as “archiving” the actual site, the only thing I can think of is to go on the back end and highlight/copy the actual HTML code and paste it into a text document for later retrieval. Still, I simply leave my old sites on the back end on the MYVR system to work with them later, and have the team swap out when I’ve completed my redesign. One caveat I have had with this is that sometimes google’s spiders will pick up your old site and make it searchable even though it is no longer “active”.

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    @jenny-oest Might need to open a support ticket.

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