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    Hi everyone,
    I recently had our attorney refine our Terms & Conditions for renting a property from Irvie homes. I am trying to send this as an attachment on all bookings, but especially on Airbnb as that makes up a large percentage of our bookings. I have it as an attachment to our booking confirmation email that goes out to every guest. The problem is the attachment does not come through to guests on the Airbnb messaging app . I have enabled attachments through Airbnb, but MYVR has confirmed that Airbnb still blocks the attachment from Software providers.

    Does anyone have a workaround for sending attachments to guests that is able to automated?

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    @Carl-Vidal I ask all of our Airbnb guests to provide their email address so I can send them emails directly which starts with our Guest Info Agreement - which is required per our house rules. I haven’t had anyone refuse to provide this so this could be a work around. You could then email the terms and conditions directly to them. Our system actually requires them to sign our terms while they are filling out the guest info form.

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    @carl-vidal My suggestion for the best opportunity to disclose your T & C’s in advance would be by inserting the Text into your Default Inquiry Responder.

    Or you could add to your “Welcome Letter”.

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    @carl-vidal - For AirBnB, because they don’t allow attachments for the most part, I have copied and pasted my entire rental agreement in the house rules section. Then it’s a matter of pointing potential guests to it in addition to AirBnB saying to renters they are responsible for reading the house rules for where they are staying. Best way to have everything up front.

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    @darrell-looney112 That works too. We’re in Cali so we use every option available. Upload the guest rental agreement to MyVR and any Channel that allows it. Put in house rules on MyVR. Then some added verbiage on the guest rental agreement and high points at the tail end of our descriptions.

    The electronic surveillance disclosure draws very few questions. We just say, we or the neighbors might have it in lawyer language.

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