Quotes appearing at the bottom of every email I send

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    I have created a number of message templates that I am using to automatically go out at various points after a guest books.
    I don’t know what I have done, but they all seem to contain a quote at the bottom.
    Is this normal or have I done something wrong?
    0_1482349187974_Emails showing quote how to remove this.JPG

  • Hi @Carole,

    This is normal. We include the quote by default with many automated messages. The intent is to give the renter some context when viewing such automated messages.


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    I’m assuming since these are automated to go out at various times after the booking, they are “Stay Emails”?

    These messages do not have a quote attached to the bottom on mine, but I don’t see a way to toggle attaching terms to it.

    Any chance you are using transactional emails or message templates?

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    I am creating template emails (in "My Templates) and sending them out from "Stay Emails"
    I do see the dates of the booking at the bottom of the email in the My Templates section, and when I preview it I’m seeing the dates again. In neither case do I see the quote for the booking.
    I’m confused as to why I would even want to send the guest the quote again after they have already paid and booked. Are you saying I cannot remove this if I use these types of emails?
    From My Templates:

    1_1482460498869_Quote at bottom - do not want this.JPG

    From Stay Emails:
    0_1482460498868_Quote at bottom - from Stay Email - do not want this.JPG

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    @Carole - wow - Mine DO include that. Either I hadn’t noticed that it changed or I never looked closely enough to begin with. Thanks for noticing that. I like your idea of being able to turn that off. No need to throw the money focus in their face every time… I’ll back up your request for that in the suggest a feature forum.

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    I’m putting in a request for a feature to offer the option of deselecting this. I definitely do not want this included in every follow-up after they have already booked. There’s no need to keep reminding them how much they paid. They already know.
    This also means I won’t be using these automatic emails for my Greek properties until this is fixed because many of my automatic emails are actually with regards to selling them extras. I believe psychologically it makes it harder to do.

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    @Jenny-Oest I’m going to put in a request for this as well. I’ve wanted to toggle this for awhile. Like you said, it seems like you are just flashing the money portion to the forefront with every communication.

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