Notifying Owners of Bookings

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    I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for ways to notify owners when the get a reservation? We previously used a method that has caused some privacy issues and are trying to find a new way to notify owners of a booking. For the meantime we have suggested that they check their owner’s portals every day. However, most are failing to do so or having issues with accessing the portal. Ideally I find a way to send them a notification when a new reservation is imputed into the owners portal. I am open to other suggestions as well. Any help would be great!

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    Are your owners requesting that notification? Is there an action an owner needs to take when a booking is received?

    You can set up an automated email that’s triggered when a reservation is booked. Set it up to deliver it to a third party (or owner if you use the owner portal module), INSTEAD of the guest. That’s how I notify my cleaners when there is a booking with an assigned cleaning.


    1. Create your message template for the OWNER
    2. Go to Automation and create a new STAY email.
    3. Set your basic settings, the filters (group properties by owner), and the send time, and then,
    4. Under recipients, instead of sending to the renter, send it to the owner.

    0_1610403279871_Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 5.11.28 PM.png

    Note: You’ll need to create an automation for each owner, although you can use the same template.

    Hope that helps!


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    Hi Jenny,

    Yes, the owners are requesting to get notified. The owners do not need to take any action once something is booked but many of our owners struggle with checking their portal often enough and sometimes forget to block it off for personal use. Your solution is super helpful, thank you!

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    I just wanted to jump on here and add some additional information for anyone who needs it and has found this thread. After a few days of using this responder I figured out that it also worked if I checked off send to the property owner. It will send about 20 minutes after the reservation is created. I was also able to add another automated stay email for when a reservation is cancelled by doing the same thing and adjusting the send time to when reservation cancelled. Hope this helps anyone who is looking for a good way to notify owners.

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    @chloe-verner GOOD POINT! But to clarify, that only works as long as you’re using the owner’s portal module and so have those fields populated. There are some users that don’t use that module, but they can still use the send to third party option. 🙂

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