How do channels measure responses via MyVR

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    I have just integrated with HomeAway/VRBO.
    I had my first inquiry come through and replied to it with the autoresponder and followed with a quote.
    Neither of these responses appear to have been “recorded” by HomeAway/VRBO in their dashboard.
    I am concerned that this will impact my response rate (and thus my ranking, etc).
    Do I still need to go into their dashboard and send one reply to every inquiry?

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    Hi @Carole -

    Great question!

    Currently, HomeAway/VRBO does not include the response time metric in your ranking if you’re integrated via software. There should be a big warning message in your account staying such. Here’s what it looks like:

    For folks viewing this thread in the future, the latest integration specifics are detailed in the app description in the app store. For example, the HomeAway for PM’s app is documented here and the “Should I Integrate” tab currently includes the following:

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    Great to know.

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