Best practices for copying a reservation

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    Can you please share with us the best way to copy an existing guest’s name, email, and phone number in a new inquiry without “copying” an existing reservation?

    By using the “Copy Reservation” option it auto-populates information not required.

    Please share if anyone has a workaround.

    Thanks so much!

  • Leader

    Is your request to create an inquiry or a new reservation?

    I agree that a new feature request for “copy an inquiry” would be helpful. I submitted one at some point, but more interest in that could bump it up the list.

    I can tell you what I do, but others may have different ideas.

    At the moment, I mostly just cut and paste, unless I feel more than 50% certain that they will book. If I do, then I copy and paste a previous reservation (which only creates a tentative reservation) and that will roll over their “on file” payment information in case it’s needed. If they don’t book, then I switch the email to my own, delete the reservation, and then change the email back (so as not to email the guest about a cancelled reservation).

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