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    I have been running a single property since March and now looking to buy an additional property. I don’t want to have a different URL per property, so do I switch to a different style template. I have a friend who has the multiple property template, and was wondering if that is the direction I would have to go?

    With that and the new pricing models, what does that mean for my account?

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    Hi @Chris-Oneslager -

    Yes, a multi-prop website would be able to show both of your properties. I really like what @Holly-Webb did to customize one of our multi-prop websites to promote her two properties. She gave each property it’s own tab. Check it out:

    You could also just have two single property websites and have them link to each other. This strategy usually works better if the properties are in different locations and a would-be renter isn’t evaluating both properties at the same time.

    You should be able to add a multi-prop website or a single-prop website on your existing plan and pay an additional fee (your rates haven’t been impacted by the new plans and pricing). The amount you’d have to pay for the additional/replacement website depends on which plan you’re on. Since this is specific to you, someone will reach out privately today and we can look at your account.

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    So. If I have two single websites, I would have to have two different URL’s? Both of these properties are in the same location. Do you support sub-domains /host headers where I could have [property]

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    @Chris-Oneslager -

    Can you help me understand what your goal would be in doing that? Do you just want to be able to direct users there with a clean URL using subdomains? Trying to understand what problem you’re solving or what you’re trying to achieve.

    In short, our websites are designed using a folder hierarchy, so it’s like… However, you could surely set up redirects, so that you could send a user instead to and have it redirect to But links are generated in MyVR for things like quotes and bookings, they’re not going to utilize a subdomain, they’re going to use folders. The redirects would be controlled on your side, unless you secured the domain names through MyVR’s domain registry integration, in which case, we’d need to assist.

    Hope that answers your question…

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    Subdomains don’t really fix my core problem after all. I want to use www or no subdomain to get to a page that shows both of the properties so the guest can choose. Two single websites will never do that for me and I really am not excited about the cost of the setup for a multiple property site…usually for people with 5 or more.

    I could use subdomains with redirects for direct access, pick one of the properties to handle the www, and then references sent via the system would be fully qualified paths anyway and should just work.

    I think I am just caught in the middle, which is why I asked the question.

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    Hi @Chris-Oneslager -

    Gotcha. We definitely have plenty of users who use a multi-property website with under 5 properties, though I do agree they’re more catered to more than 2, because the out of the box template includes things like a property search. I think @Holly-Webb did a nice job customizing hers, as mentioned (URL above).

    You’re always welcomed to abandon our templates and build your own. You can use our widgets or API’s to integrate it, if you choose. Also happy to refer you to some website builders if you want to go that route but don’t want to DIY. Ping me privately on that, if you’re interested.

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    @Chris-Oneslager - I switched to the multi-property site as soon as I had two properties, and have never regretted it. You absolutely want to leverage your marketing to expose both properties to every potential guest - especially when they’re in the same area and give your guest choices.

    I realize that there is a set up cost (time and money) to making that switch, but I found myself quickly growing and was glad I already was using my multi-property site when I added the next, and the next, and the next…

    I don’t even use my single property sites anymore. One site is SO much easier to maintain than two…just wait until you want to make content or format changes! 🙂


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