Has MyVR heard anything about AirBnB's new fee structure for some hosts???

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    Hello All;

    I was recently reading some info about AirBnB’s new fee structure for some host’s listings, in which the host would now pay ALL the service fee and guests would pay zero.

    Of course, I view this as “slight-of-hand” on behalf of AirBnB as the guest ultimately pays ALL of the service fee.

    I believe that as this rolls -out further, AirBnB will expand the number of hosts participating until it is system-wide…then AirBNB will market their platform as “zero-fee for guests” (although, again, the guest is always the ultimate payer of any fees i.e. cleaning, pet, travel insurance, etc…

    So I have a couple of questions to ask.

    1. What do my fellow MyVR’s think of this on part of AirBnB? Do you think this helps or hurts those listings that are being transferred to this system? Do you think it potentially helps or hurts those listings that do not see this change? Do you think this is a good idea or not?

    2. To our MyVR team, have you had any conversations with AirBnB on this topic? If so, should your MyVR clients be prepared for this coming down the pike sometime soon? Or do you feel that those of use under the MyVR umbella are exempt and might remain that way???

    Thanks in advance for comments and replies!

    John H

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    There are some great features built into MyVR’s channel management.

    We currently have the Strictest Available Cancellation Policy with AirBnb, which costs 5.0%.
    We offset that by increasing our rates 5.6% for the AirBnb channel.
    We also pick up 15% of the Guest Fee for Booking.com.
    Our rates are 17.7% higher on Booking.com

    Yes, you are correct. The guest pays

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