Reservation Records: Delete vs Close?

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    What is the difference between Delete Reservation and Close Reservation? Delete implies it’s erased forever, while Close suggests it might be archived somewhere but not visible. After the guest has checked out and I’ve processed their security deposit and review, that Reservation is completed and I no longer want to see it displayed. However, I may need to re-access that historical record for taxes, repeat customer discounts, newsletters, etc. Is “Close” the correct way to store that info for the future? If so, how do I view Closed reservations?

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    Yes - that’s pretty much the difference, AND how to use them. I close them when their complete, but only delete when it’s a test or an error.

    To find them in reports, use the filter option in your display and check the box for closed reservations.

    0_1482275063470_Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 6.03.13 PM.png

    Hope that helps!


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    Oh there they are, under Reservations -> My Reservations -> Search & Filters where Reservation States =Closed. Thank you @Jenny-Oest

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