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    Hi everyone,
    I have a 2 part question for the community related to limited descriptions

    1. I recently found out that limits our description to 1200 Characters. I have adjusted my a listing to fit the 1200 requirement and still read smoothly. On MYVR I have create a space that has my description end after the Living Room section (please see screen shot) However despite the spacing Booking .com is still picking up the subsequent wording and it causes the listing to show as cutoff. Does any one have a solution to this?

    2. With the limit of 1200 characters, I am struggling to communicate house rules of listing to guests. On other platforms it feeds through on the rules sections, however doesn’t appear to Feed the house rules into the house rules section in a similar manner. As an Example i have a 25 minimum age requirement, and does not display this. How do you communicate rules for

    I0_1605568023050_Screenshot 2020-11-16 160217.jpg appreciate all feedback you can provide on this.

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