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    I’d like to display some more detailed analytics for my owners on their portal page that aren’t available through MyVR, but I have generated through 3rd party software. I can embed this custom content into the owner portal pages but I need some identifier/key to make sure the correct data is displayed for the right owner. I looked through the source code and haven’t been able to locate any user identifiers after logging in but perhaps it’s there somewhere.

    Looking for some help on whether there is a way that I can identify the user that’s logged in, on the front end, so I can generate some custom dynamic content to increase the value of the owner portal? Thanks in advance

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    @adam Have you tried looking for the Listing’s Property Keys?

    Back in our WordPress website days, we used the Booking Widget and Calendar Widget which required Property Keys. Guessing those will be the same in the MyVR API.

    If I recall correctly, you should be able to download a List of Property Keys from either of those Apps.

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