Is anyone using Zapier?

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    If so, may I ask what you are able to do with it?

    I’m interested in what we might get out of it.

    In particular. We’ve been looking at our accounting processes for a means to automate the transfer of data into our accounting software.

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    @joseph-sennish I originally looked into it for that reason but I couldn’t extract what I needed from MyVR. But I do use it to feed my hot sheet. I use automated emails sent to zapier and then parse the email to create a row in google sheets. This spreadsheet creates my to do lists for the day/week.

    I also use zapier combined with google forms to sms notify me when a guest submits a maintenance request.


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    I was able to use Zapier to create a check-in form with data auto-populated rather than us having to write it out by hand or expecting the guest to do so. I’m wondering if it would also create an invoice for those guests that ask for it. Haven’t gotten there yet, though.

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