What's the correct template message smart tag for the allocated unit info on a unit type inventory booking?

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    We’re using unit-type inventory with Expedia + BDC, but I’m struggling with our message configuration.

    Initially, we had a bunch of data each property’s custom fields (e.g. apt number, WiFi code, etc…), but if they book a room type (e.g. the 1BR Loft), then it’s drawing a blank on those smart tags. For example, it doesn’t say the unit number, WiFi password, etc…

    I notice there’s Property / Unit / Building tags, but not sure still how to pull info from the Allocated Unit…



    PS: if you’re confused by what I’m talking about, I’m attaching a screenshot of the Unit Allocation screen if you’ve never seen it.

    0_1600387351362_Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 19.02.16.png

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    Hi Sebastien,

    Did you get a response on this?

    We are a short term company that is adding 10 identical units of inventory with a 30 day minimum stay. We are not sure how to begin with the software, but as you can see we need the logistics of a hotel style platform form that allows our team to assign the unit to the guest that best fits our availability. Is MyVR able to do this to your knowledge. We have been using MyVR for 2 years and it works well on short term, but not seeing how to make this work. We also need to turn of AirB&B tax collection by state code on stays 30 days or longer.

    If you have any quick direction that would be amazing as we are currently opening a unit every two weeks. Thank you! Jodi


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    We had to create some additional custom fields at the time we did this. Here’s the way we handled it:

    Hi {{ first_name }} {{ last_name }},

    Thank you for choosing the Inn, managed by Coast Estate.

    Your stay with {{ guest_count }} Guests in the {{{ property-data.room-name }}} for Reservation {{ reservation_id }} is almost here! A few things to cover…

    Your Check-in is at 4:00 PM on {{ check_in }}
    Your Check-out is at 10:00 AM on {{ check_out }}

    1. Getting to our property:

    The Property Address is:

    {{{ property-data.address }}}

    {{{ property-data.driving-directions }}}

    The exterior doors to the {{ property_name }} have electronic keypads for entry. You may access the {{{ property-data.bldg-name }}} building through the door on the {{{ property-data.door-location }}} side using the keycode {{{ property-data.door-code }}}

    Once you enter, you will find your room on the {{{ property-data.floor }}}floor. The name {{{ property-data.room-name }}} will be on door.

    Keys are in room next to coffee maker. The thermostat controls the gas fireplace.

    We will have hot coffee and light fare available in the main dining room of the Buck Building by 7:30 a.m.

    1. Instructions for using WiFi:

    WiFi Network Name: {{{ property-data.wifi }}}
    WiFi Network Password: {{{ property-data.password }}}

    Free High-Speed Internet Access - Common Troubleshooting Tips:

    1. If using a Wireless connection, verify your device is connected to the hotel’s wireless network.

    2. If using an Ethernet connection, ensure the Ethernet cable is firmly plugged in on both ends.

    3. Open a web browser on your device such as Internet Explorer or Safari. You must use your browser to navigate to aplogin.com in order to join the hotel’s network.

    4. On the hotel’s Login web page you must agree to the Terms of Use and, if required, enter the Username and Access Code provided to you by the hotel. These are case sensitive.
      Need more help? Please call

    24 x 7 Technical Support


    When calling support, you will be asked for the

    property name, city and your room number.

    We can’t wait to host you.

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