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    My cancellation policy states that no refunds less than 90 days from stay. The guest has submitted a dispute, how do I demonstrate that they agreed to these terms?

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    Was your booking a direct booking or did it come via a listing site?
    What was the reason the guest submitted for the dispute? (the reason submitted to the card company - if you look at Stripe it will tell you something like “product not delivered” or “product unacceptable” etc …
    Did the guest try to cancel before submitting the dispute and if yes, what was their reason, and if Covid related did you provide any options (rebooking, future travel credit, etc)?

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    This is basically contract law. First, you need to show the signed rental contract that clearly states no refunds within 90 days of arrival. I actually have my guests initial that paragraph when I get their signature just to be sure. Then, you need to be clear that the place was available for their stay with no reasons that would make it unreachable or uninhabitable. Directly address their reason for the dispute.

    If they are saying they didn’t charge this, then you may need to identify the IP address for the contract signature. I use HelloSign for contracts to capture all of that.

    Sometimes - it’s just Grandpa forgetting what it was for…and a quick reminder takes care of it.

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    @Jenny-Oest Ahh yes, it is contract law … or it was before Covid-19. I had several chargebacks which we responded to based on the old fashioned response method:

    1. Contract states within 2 inches of the signature line that the payment is non-refundable (in my case, or whatever the terms are)
    2. Provided the bank with a copy of the rental contract.
    3. Provided a copy of the signature (in the case of VRBO a screen capture provided to me from VRBO’s back end)
    4. IP address
    5. Copy of the confirmation that we provided a full value future travel credit (even though we did not have to)

    We lost the first two chargebacks despite the above.

    VISA then came out with guidance for the banks regarding covid/travel cancellations.
    In the event a government order prohibits the traveler from traveling or the merchant from providing the service, but the merchant offers/provides a credit for the value of the booking, the customer / bank have no right to a chargeback.

    I provided all of the above, plus a copy of the government orders (2 from Greece, 1 from Illinois) and won all three chargebacks.
    That’s why I asked for more specifics …
    I hope you never have to go through this, but if you do, the government order back appears to be key.

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