Discount code: RENT?

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    Hello everyone …

    I just received a booking for a week over Thanksgiving. This came via VRBO and was submitted as a reservation request - with the credit card payment included. (when it gets to MYVR I still have to approve it)
    I am perplexed because the quote includes a discount of $225 under FEES.

    0_1598816927633_discount code.jpg

    I do not have a discount code with this name.

    0_1598816960123_all discounts.jpg

    I am very confused by this. Could this be something VRBO advertised? Or is this somehow a way they have hacked the booking process?

    Does anyone have any idea about this? (I have accepted the booking … it will be my 4th booking since the pandemic resulted in every single reservation from April 1 to October being cancelled, so I am thrilled to have it but I do worry a little that their is something not quite right about it …



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    @carole - Personally I’d get to the bottom of the discount code before accepting. Did you call the guest to find out anything?

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    @Jenny-Oest No, she didn’t call. Just wrote an email which came through with her request -
    “We are three siblings with families looking to reunite for Thanksgiving. Hope this works out!”

    I googled her and the info provided matches the address on the credit card, so it seems legit. I was going to call her but I didn’t want to sound stupid if there was some kind of promo being run that I didn’t know about from VRBO. I thought that maybe this was some odd way of showing a discount because she booked a week - but oddly enough when I run a new quote for her same dates and number of guests - the final total on my side is the same as the total showing in the Reservation Request quote that she submitted off of VRBO. This is what I get when I run it within MyVR …

    0_1598824305018_total from myvr.jpg

    It is odd that the final amount is the same in both cases. I wonder if VRBO is offering a chance to book without a booking fee from them?

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    Is your $1875 a weekly rate and the $2100 the 7 nightly rates totaled together? Perhaps a new way of displaying the quote, BUT that might inflate how key data reflects your booked Rate, since they don’t look at fees?

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    @carole Call the VRBO Integrated Support Line and ask them about it. They should have access to everything and can tell you why that is there. Or they can tell you that it’s a MyVR thing, and then you can submit an issue to MyVR to have them look into it. The VRBO Integrated Support number is 877-239-2592, and they are open 9-5 Central M-F. They are super nice to answer any questions about things that don’t look normal.

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    @Carole - Jenny has the right idea here. It is showing this way due to the weekly rate being used, and that ‘discount’ is how much the difference between the weekly rate vs. nightly rates would have been. To my knowledge, HomeAway/VRBO is the only channel where it gets depicted in that manner. This is actually a pretty common question that comes into Support and we have a help article on it found here:

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    This must be new because I have reduced weekly rates and have not seen that come through before.

    Furthermore, it creates a new field that needs to be identified and profiled in reports.

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    @jenny-oest It may depend as to what interface you use with HA-VRBO. As for myself, we use the Property Management platform on VRBO , with PM Integrated support. I’ve never seen that scenario before either.

    It should show up on reports under “Discounts”

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    @Jenny-Oest So there is our answer.
    Thanks everyone!

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    @Kevin-Poglitsch Thanks for this link. As a suggestion, perhaps adding a tag to the answer that includes “COUPON CODE” or at least “COUPON” so that others might find it. I did search the KB before coming to the community but I wasn’t thinking of “discount” so I didn’t think to search that way … just a suggestion 🙂
    Thanks for shedding some light …

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