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    I stumbled across the site today and was able to build a basic housekeeper app using my Google sheet that is populated from MyVR using a Zap. I’m not that savvy with tech stuff but I was able to build an app that does what I need.

    Currently, my app is basic, I have only one property and a PM who works with the housekeepers. Right now, we only need a tool that lists our guests, their check in/out dates, indicates if same day turnover (yes or no), allows our housekeepers to sign up by entering their name and the date they will be cleaning. I also added options to enter notes, damage, and supply needs. These extra options are also on my Google sheet. When the user edits the guests listing in the app, the info they enter then syncs back to my Google sheet. Plus is user friendly on iOS or Android.

    So far so good. I thought I’d share with the community in case there is a need. The Glide app I built is free but they offer more options for a paid service. It also offers integration with Zapier and Google Analytics as well.

    I’m not promoting Glide but I was very happy to be able to accomplish something we’d been trying to simplify.

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