Can you migrate my account at to MyVR account?

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    I have already a account with property listings. Can you migrate my actual account at to MyVR account.
    If I have to set-up a new account and do all the work again…(and I guess this is the situation of most of customers at MyVR).

  • MyVR Employee

    If you already have a account you don’t need to create a new one to integrate it with your MyVR account. Just install the application in your account and follow the instructions.

    Before you install the app you should have all your properties setup in both MyVR and accounts. MyVR cannot import/migrate any information about your properties in your account into your MyVR account.

    FYI: I’m rewording the subject of this post to make it easier to find for other community members.

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    It sounds like you already have the property listed in, but NOT in MyVR, and want the listing to populate the MyVR property data. Is that correct?

    I think you might be able to do this on a purchased service basis with MyVR, but the automated set up is designed to work the other direction. MyVR becomes your one centralized source, and that source feeds all other listings.

    There are programs that other listing sites use to “scrape” (I think that’s the latest term) your data from VRBO or HomeAWAY and then add them to their listing sites, but I’m not aware of that option here unless it’s offered when you first sign up on a ‘for purchase’ basis. Perhaps that’s something that the MyVR staff can address?

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