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    Now that there is an option to send an automated message via SMS instead of email, I’m experimenting with it using an early arrival code.

    But I’ve noticed that the message comes from an unrecognized phone number, and if the guest replies to that phone number, the message doesn’t reach me - and the guest is not notified that their message has not been received.

    To avoid confusion, does anyone know if there is a way to have an SMS message appear to come from a different phone number (mine) and then responses directed there?



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    @jenny-oest Interesting idea. Until that comes to fruition, maybe include “do Not reply to this message” or “for more information message me at 123.456.7890” in your message.?

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    @joseph-sennish I considered that but just today I texted someone a link to my welcome book and they replied asking where they would find the welcome book. And people fire a response back very quickly almost every time I text their early arrival info, so I think the odds are against them catching that. Lol.

    I may create a Zapier function IF it can display as coming from a number where I can receive the reply.

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