Issues with Electronic Surveillance

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    We’ve been busy, on top of all the cancellations we processed, brought on 4 new homes during our S.I.P.

    Well, one has a nosy neighbor with a surveillance camera and two have Ring Doorbell Cameras.

    Our first guest at one home complained to AirBnb. Fortunately, we already have an Electronic Surveillance disclosure in our Description and Guest Rental Agreement.

    With AirBnb you also need to disclose in your House Rules, or you might lose your account. Thought I would share our disclosure, which is now included in our House Rules as well.

    In order to maintain proper security for owners, guests and contractors, the exterior of some properties and adjacent properties may have electronic surveillance equipment and those property owners may conduct monitoring and surveillance activities.

    The deployment of electronic surveillance is limited to locations that do not violate the reasonable expectations of privacy. Electronic surveillance shall not be implemented in situations where confidential or sensitive information is likely to be recorded and distinguishable. Electronic surveillance shall not be installed inside the home; however, doors to the exterior may be covered by electronic surveillance.

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    Hi Joseph,

    Along with adding this information in your “House Rules,” you can set this expectation in your amenity list.

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