Stripe is not receiving customer email addresses

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    We recently had to deal with some chargebacks from clients.
    One of the evidence items that the bank needs to find in our favor is a receipt that was forwarded to the customer.
    We have set up the “Automated email receipt” in Stripe.
    It appears that many customers do not get an electronic receipt sent to them. The system shows “No receipts sent. No email address for this payment” because no email address exists in the Stripe system.
    When I spoke to Stripe I was told that the email address is not being forwarded from MyVR to their system.
    We obviously need to send the receipt to the customer and have a record that we did so.
    Anybody else have that issue?
    Any ideas how to resolve it?

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    We have payment receipts being sent out through MyVR automated responses.

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    @Joseph-Sennish Thanks - would you be willing to share a copy of what you are sending? I assume it is created by the MyVR system?

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    Thank you @Joseph-Sennish .
    That is a great idea and we are already doing that.
    However, it still does not answer the question of why MyVR would not be sending/updating the email address going to Stripe. Stripe is MyVR’s preferred and only option for credit cards.
    I spoke extensively to Stripe and the only solution the would come up with is that MyVR needs to update their APIs so that the information is passed to Stripe.
    We never needed to find out this information, but since the Covid 19 pandemic we have been dealing with a few chargebacks and one of the requirements for answering the disputes is “a copy of the receipt”. We all love MyVR, but the banks know Stripe, not MyVR. So the receipt from Stripe carries more weight than the one from MyVR.
    All that said, the integration between MyVR and Stripe should work.

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