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    How can I edit the checkout page? I need to add to the sentence next to the checkbox - this needs to include the words “cancellation policy” or even better “no refund policy” - either or…

    FYI If there is a chargeback dispute, Visa’s new rule require that the guest specifically agrees to the “cancellation policy”. If that is not shown they will not find in an owner’s favor.


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    I think you’ll have to submit a support request to change that wording. I don’t believe we can edit that page. But I always follow up with a HelloSign signature request.

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    @Jenny-Oest Thanks - I will submit. I also follow-up but according to VISAs new rules, the follow-up isn’t enough 😞 They want to see the specific term “cancellation terms” (or similar) within 1 inch of the check-box that is clicked prior to making payment. If the agreement is signed after they have made their payment it is too late. In the case where they are requesting to book, it would work because I can require the signing prior to them pushing through their deposit. However with instant booking it often isn’t possible since they pay prior to getting the follow-up.

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    @Jenny-Oest OOps, that was my first reply … not sure why it was hanging around unsent (user error perhaps…)
    I did submit and got a response that the developers are working on an update to the checkout page.

    Kudos to the MyVR team - this is a very trying time and we are learning many new things that will only make all of us better business people in the end. This is an unusual business for many of us - we came to it out of love for either our property and/or our local, often with a desire to just be able to share what we love about this place - many of us had no hospitality business experience. MyVR has helped many of us grow or achieve in ways we could not without the great tools provided. This pause had highlighted some of the areas where we need tweeks, so thanks MyVR team for stepping up for us to make this system even better.

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