COVID19 | Extend Turnover Times with Cleaners & Maintenance

  • MyVR Employee

    I recently worked with a customer who needed to implement a full 72-hour turnover block for post-stay cleanings to be compliant with local COVID19 mandates. We were able to make quick adjustments to his cleaners & maintenance job automations to accommodate this.

    The first thing he did was edit the Job Template for the Post-Stay cleaning and add new COVID19 specific content to the Description & Tasks;

    0_1586404327863_Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 8.47.10 PM.png

    Once the description was updated, we updated the schedule for this job. In this case we added a 72-hour timeline, and made sure the calendar was BLOCKED for this event.

    0_1586404453900_Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 8.47.22 PM.png

    Enabling this block feature ensures that all post-stay cleanings block the calendar for the duration of time that the cleaning can take place, which in this case is 3-days;

    0_1586404741448_Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 8.48.14 PM.png

    If you are on the Pro plan and haven’t activated Cleaners & Maintenance yet, now may be a good time to enable this operations tool to help build some buffer time between listings. Here’s our recorded demo on the product and it’s functionality;

  • Leader

    @jess-milligan - how do you handle it if someone books online, but their departure is within 72 hours of the next arrival? Since the Cleaning job would not block availability, couldn’t they technically still block a same day turnover?

    Could you also add a pre-arrival inspection of 72 hours that blocks the calendar too? Then the only “double booking” would be the cleaning window?

  • MyVR Employee


    We actually also added a 72-hour block before the reservations as well using the same logic, but changing it to a Pre-Stay cleaning (technically you could label it anything) and adding 72 hours BEFORE the check in. You can actually see that calendar block on the calendar screenshot. I believe this was also a requirement actually, but it also solves for the scenario you brought up.

  • Contributor

    Just a note to other users. We found when we turned on the automated jobs based upon post-stay, there were random jobs created throughout the calendar. We probably did something wrong, but you might too. So audit your calendars.

  • Leader

    @joseph-sennish - also note that when a job is canceled or deleted, it still stays on your calendar. So you’ll need to manually delete it if it bothers you until that ticket is fixed.

  • Contributor

    @jenny-oest I’m on my 5th calendar doing those manual deletions. Only 35 to go…

  • Contributor

    I found the glitch. I reviewed a few of the job dates that did not correspond to a Reservation. The automation added the job to Cancelled Reservations as well as Pending Reservations.
    Only have a couple hundred of those.

  • Leader

    @joseph-sennish be sure to submit a ticket for that. 🙂

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