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    I am new to MYVR, and just got setup the past 60 days. Given the virus I am seeking all avenue of rentals I can. I recently heard about www.furnishedfinder.com as a place to list to traveling medical professionals. I know I would have to connect through an Ical.

    I am curious if anyone has used this channel in the past, and if its worth the $99 per year.

    Best Regards,
    Carl Vidal
    Irvie Homes LLC

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    @carl-vidal Interesting as my Partner just mentioned them to me yesterday. Apparently, they had e-mailed us.

    First off, we do have quite a few travelling medical professionals coming to our area. So, the idea piques my interest.

    My suggestion would be to look at the competition for your area and decide whether it would be a good fit.

    We took a hotel live last year, and put it on AirBnb as well as the usual suspects (Booking.com, TripAdvisor, Expedia Network) because there were only 75 other hotel rooms listed on the Monterey Peninsula. 95% of our bookings came from AirBnb.

    I only saw 77 listings for my area, and most of them are not quite up to the standards of what our current traveling Medical Pro’s rent from us.

    So, I called them and due to the size of our portfolio, they are offering us a discounted rate. They are also providing us with the Search Data for our area which makes the decision process much easier.

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