Refunds and Reports

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    Is there a way to track Airbnb refunds accurately in reports?

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    Is there a good way to track refunds from any source? I may submit this as a feature request, but in the meantime, is anyone using MyVR reporting to track refunds?

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    I’ve tried using both the Reservation and Financial Summary reports. I use Open Office to sort the data by Status and Check-in Date so the Cancellations appear at the top of the Data.

    We just hustled through the review and processing of 121 Cancellations between February 1st and April 6th to get our owners paid this month.

    The data integrity of the reporting is not quite 100%. I found one Reservation reported as cancelled on the Reservation report that was not.

    Then again, I found at least five cancellations that were never entered into our Accounting Software as Reservations before they cancelled.

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