"Free cancellation" notation on Homeaway/VRBO

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    I just noticed that some VRBO listings now show a “Free cancellation” notation right beside the listing thumbnail. This shows up if the booking dates fall within the free cancellation period of the listing (say, 60 days or more in the future).

    It seems that VRBO is taking this information from a listing policy and highlighting properties that fall within the associated booking/cancellation period. This is very powerful from a marketing perspective.

    My myVR properties don’t seem to have similar “Free cancellation” highlighting, even though booking dates/requests fall within my myVR free cancellation period. I’ve checked my channel settings/listing overrides and my policy is 100% refund/60 days. But, this does not seem to be communicated

    Is this something that myVR supports? Can you point me in the right direction?


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    I believe that is considered a “Strict” Cancellation Policy.
    “Free” requires the guest being able to cancel anytime.

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