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    Before I re-invent the wheel…
    Has anyone created a guest maintenance request form on their website so that guests can fill it out (triggering a text or email to you/me) with the details of a maintenance request?
    I’d like to include a few drop down choices too on the form (ex: Urgency, vs. schedule repairs soon, vs. fix after we leave)


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    Sounds like a great idea. Our long term portfolio is on another platform and does have that.

    There are several options for developing your own. If you have a Google account they do offer Forms when you access Google Docs.

    Microsoft Office and Open Office can probably even provide templates for forms, or allow you to create your own.

    W3 schools also offers multiple tutorials regarding the creation of forms. In today’s mobile environment, if I was planning on writing code, I would Opt for a Responsive Form.

    Thinking the first couple options may be easiest.

  • @jenny-oest Hi Jenny, just curious if you found a good solution for this?

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    @kevin-yates - I found a solution, although not ideal. I use a google form for the guest to complete. I send it to them using a smart tag in an automated email. Then when they complete the form, it updates my spreadsheet and sends me a message using Zapier.

    I’m still open to better ideas though. Honestly most guests will just email me or text me when they are about to leave.


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