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    I am thinking of integrating the Trip Advisor channel to MyVR and can’t see an answer to this question anywhere. Is the 1.49% booking fee charged by MyVR in addition to the TripAdvisor fees . This is what TripAdvisor says:

    TripAdvisor Rentals applies a booking fee, which is calculated as a percentage of the total rental cost. This fee is variable and typically charged between 8% and 14.5% of the rental rate. It’s sometimes lower, but not higher. Owners pay a booking commission of 3% (excl. VAT). The booking commission is retained from the rental cost you’ve set up on your account. For example, if your rental cost is €100 and you pay VAT, you will receive €100 - €3.60 (incl.VAT) = €96.40 and the traveler will pay between €108 and €114.50.

    So, does this mean 4.49% total fees (excluding credit card fees)?

    Any concerns about using TripAdvisor through MyVR?


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    We have used TripAdvisor for quite some time now. The tricky part is that you have to login to your TripAdvisor dashboard and find the invoice for each reservation in order to get your total cost. They amount shown under Reservation - Finances in MyVR is not the full amount; that is only what MyVR charges us for the integration. I don’t know what the total percentage turns out to be, but yes, there is a fee in addition to what MyVR charges. (If you decide to use TripAdvisor, you would login and then go to Track Payments, find the specific reservation, and then Download Invoice in order to see what you owe TripAdvisor --which they will take out of their payment to you. And actually, now that I’ve double-checked how to get there, I am seeing that it says 3% – so that would indeed make a total of 4.49%.) Hope this helps, --Ann

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    Many thanks Ann!
    This is very helpful – Margaret

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