Syncing MyVR calendar with Airbnb: calendar-only vs full integration

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    Just upgraded my account and am now installing AirBnB. How do I link my current myvr calender with AirBnB’s to avoid double booking? Thanks!

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    Also is it $50 per condo I put on Airbnb?

  • Hey @Chad-Service!

    Ensuring your MyVR calendar is up to date before syncing is important for all channels, so I’m glad you asked this question. 🙂

    To setup calendar syncing to your existing Airbnb listings, you’ll navigate to Channels > Calendar Only (open). Or use this direct link:

    This will show you all of your current calendar connections. You can think of a Calendar Connection as a set of calendar imports and exports for a specific site. I can see in your account that you’ve already created a calendar connection for Airbnb, so you may skip this step, however if you did not see Airbnb as a connection, you’d first want to create one by clicking on the big green “New Connection” button.


    There are some pre-seeded calendar connections for sites like Airbnb, HomeAway and others. Those are there to assist in setting some defaults for calendar imports / exports that deal with those third parties not all conforming to the same standards for calendar feeds. For example, some feeds will remove or add days to the ends of events. Using the correct connection should automatically choose the correct defaults, but another option is to update the “Advanced Settings” of a calendar import.

    Now that you have the Airbnb Calendar Connection setup, you can click on Airbnb which will show you a list of properties and their existing calendar imports and exports.

    Calendar Imports are used for importing events from other sites to your MyVR calendar.
    Calendar Exports are for exporting events from your MyVR calendar to other sites.

    In the case of your Airbnb calendar, you’ll want to at a minimum import the events from your existing Airbnb listing. Click on “Setup Import” next to the property you want to setup.


    Enter the external link from your Airbnb listing which can be retrieved by logging into your old Airbnb account.
    Navigate to Your Listings > Manage Listing > Calendar and Pricing > Sync Calendars.




    Copy the calendar link provided and paste it into the External Link box. Then click “Add Calendar” that will bring attempt a first sync and report back with how many events were added, removed, unchanged and if the sync was successful. If the sync was not successful, that could be for a number of reasons including Airbnb calendar feed being down.

    0_1481750827627_Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 1.25.42 PM.png

    At this point the events from that Airbnb listing are imported to your MyVR calendar and you’re ready to integrate that listing with full integration through the Airbnb app.

    Hope that helps, @Chad-Service!

  • @Chad-Service setup fees depend on your plan. That said the setup fees for full Channel Management Airbnb are per property. We highly recommend full Channel Management of Airbnb as it will keep your property data and rates in sync in addition to your availability. For more information about the Airbnb application, please visit the app marketplace

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    Thanks for all the help. I am still a little confused. I had to create a new account for Airbnb. We currently don’t have any listings on it. I was under the impression I would put the listings on through MYVR. So I guess all i really need to do is get the properties up on airbnb and export my current myvr calendar to airbnb.

    Before I have listings on airbnb, do i need to go and pay the 50 per property to put them on there? And then go through the process of syncing calendars? Just wanna make sure I don’t screw up. Thanks again!

  • If you did not have any listings previously, you would not need to setup iCal. The availability will sync with new listings after the listings are integrated. To setup your listings you’ll go to the Airbnb app > Unintegrated properties > Integrate Listing. That will submit your listing for approval on Airbnb.

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    @Chad-Service -

    Just wanted to jump in here and recap a few points to make sure this is clear.

    We have two kinds of channel management:

    • basic, calendar-only sync (via ical)
    • full integration (via API’s which connect directly to Airbnb’s platform)

    The former (calendar-only) has no setup fees associated with it because you do it yourself, but it’s also quite limited and syncs less frequently. With this one, you’d need your own Airbnb listings set up already and then you’d start feeding ical in and out of the channel and MyVR, based on what you want to accomplish. There is a ton of documentation around setting up ical calendar syncing within our support section of the product that can walk you through that (in addition to CJ’s first response above). For some customers, this is adequate for that they want to do.

    The latter (full integration) is recommended and several of our new plans support this integration. It only has a setup fee on the Flexible Plan for Owners, since it’s an a la carte plan. It doesn’t sound like this fee would apply to you, assuming you’re on one of our new PM plans. With this integration, you go through an integration process managed by MyVR & Airbnb, and we populate the listing on your behalf, including property details, rates, and calendars. The reservations received through Airbnb also flow back into the software as reservation entries. With this integration, you’d initiate it via the Airbnb “app” in our app marketplace, and we’d populate all the listings for you in a new Airbnb account that gets created during the integration.

    Any questions on that? Keep them coming. It’s inherently a little complicated.

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    Thanks Guys!

    We are looking into full integration. We just upgraded earlier today to the PLUS plan so still figuring things out.

    So I’ve got the app installed. When I go to channels and then full integration, i click on the AirBnb button.

    I click on unintegrated properties (which are all of my properties) and then click setup listing integration.

    It prompts me for an iCal Sync URL which I don’t know what that is. If I skip that step, it then prompts me to purchase a 49$ one time myvy setup fee. Is that for every property i want to list on AirBnB? I guess I didn’t see that fee before upgrading.

    Thanks again for all the quick help everyone!

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    Hi @Chad-Service -

    You definitely don’t need to pay a set-up fee currently for Airbnb if you are on the new PM Plus plan. Apologies, that must be a bug if you’re getting that. We’ll open a ticket to fix that. If you don’t have listings on Airbnb previously, then you skip the iCal step you’re seeing. If you have prior listings, then giving us the iCal link allows us to work with Airbnb to ensure a smooth transition from your old listings to the new ones (and assists with moving your reviews from the old listings to the new ones). CJ will reach out about the integration.

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    Thanks again! Your guys customer assistance is next to none!

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    A few links for anyone who finds themselves here in the future.

    If you want simple ical syncing, here’s the support article for setting that up:

    To take advantage of the full Airbnb integration for owners, visit the Airbnb for Owners app here:

    To take advantage of the full Airbnb integration for property managers, visit the Airbnb for Property Managers app here:

    We have videos in the works for all of the above, so be sure to look for those if you find yourself here in the future. Click on the option to watch product training videos from the Support tab in the product.

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    Modified the title of the post slightly to make it more easily discoverable by others in the future.

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