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    We have a guest who would like to cancel their reservation and receive a refund of their deposit. I do not have a problem with refunding the amount received, however, VRBO Travelers Support is saying that I need to initiate the cancellation, but, VRBO Owners Support is saying that the guest must request cancellation or it will negatively impact our listing.

    What is the proper procedure of guest initiated cancellation, as I am not interested in a negative impact on our listing as a result of a guest’s change of plans.

    Thank you in advance!
    Jackie/Bob Jedrzejek

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    Hi @Bob-Jedrzejek,

    Thanks for reaching out via the MyVR community!

    I reached out to MyVR’s VRBO account manager to get their take on this, here’s what I learned:

    • HomeAway/VRBO listings that are integrated through a software provider (such as MyVR) do not allow the guest the option to cancel their reservation.
    • Instead, the Property Manager will always be the one initiating the cancellation, and HomeAway collects a ‘reason code’ from MyVR.
    • As long as this reason code is indicating that the traveler canceled the reservation, your account will not be negatively impacted.

    So, what does this look like in MyVR? When selecting the cancel option on a reservation, simply select a reason of ‘Renter Cancelled’ from the dropdown:


    (Note that we also have a ‘Refund all payments’ option which will prove to be useful in your scenario)

    I hope this helps clarify, please let me know if you have any questions!


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