End of Year Observations

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    Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

    We’ve had a pretty decent year, 50% portfolio growth. We added properties organically and in November acquired a smaller company as well.

    Although we begin next years planning in October (old habits die hard) I started reviewing statistics and reporting today to finalize the outlook. Some interesting results.

    I’ve omitted Hotel data to narrow our focus toward our core competency - Luxury Vacation Rentals

    We’ve captured 945 of 1811 inquiries Year to Date for a 52.18% conversion rate vs the global average of 1 in 11

    AirBnb 50.27% conversion, average transaction $2162, %ofAllRevenue 30.72%, %ofAllBookings 41.22%
    HA/VRBO 40.8% conversion, average transaction $3087, %ofAllRevenue 32.68%, %ofAllBookings 30.71%
    MyVR 54.49% conversion, average transaction $3,980, %ofAllRevenue 33.79%, %ofAllBookings 24.63%

    Per Google Analytics, we had 6,746 users visit one of our two Company Branded, Coast Estate web-sites to generate:
    323 Inquiries,
    176 Reservations,
    $700,480 in Revenue

    Conclusion? That’s $103.84 per click.
    Goal? Aim for 11,000 clicks at $114 per click in 2020

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