How to cancel your annual "HomeAway Listing" subscription

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    I would like to cancel this “HomeAway Listing” subscription please, but do not see how to do so via the Billing section.

    Reasons for cancelling: fees are getting too high / keep increasing and very few reservations from these channels.

    We just wanted to remind you that the following subscription is set to renew soon:
    HomeAway Listing, Online Booking Enabled $499/year Renews on January 19

    Where can I cancel this?? Thanks!

  • Leader

    @kirk-nankivell Is this a listing held by MyVR or a PM listing of your own? If you’re not sure, are you able to log into HomeAway with your own ID and password?

  • MyVR Employee

    Hi @Kirk-Nankivell,

    Thanks for reaching out on the MyVR community. For a billing change such as discontinuing a specific listing’s HomeAway subscription, that’s actually something that needs to be done on our end. I’ve gone ahead and made the change so you won’t have the HomeAway subscription auto-renewed come January.

    If you end up changing your mind go ahead and submit a support ticket and we’d be happy to help out!


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    @kevin-poglitsch awesome, thank you so much for making that update.

    I found it strange I could not do that on my end, but glad you were able to resolve it.


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