Post-stay NPS survey automation

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    I’d like to switch out my “please leave us a review” post-stay email on the channel they booked on, and instead conduct our own NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey. I previously used to spend a lot of time running another VR business doing manual exports (from another system) into Excel, cleaning up the data, uploading to SurveyMonkey, and then downloading data with lots of extra work.

    What I liked about SurveyMonkey was the ability to parse over the data about the booking, to automate a reminder email, and to have a branched final screen (we’d use this to direct happy guests to leave a review on TripAdvisor… and just a blank ‘Thank You’ for the [very occasional] for passives / detractor guests).

    Looking at options ideally to automate survey triggering, reminders, and in an ideal world bringing back the results to the customer (in MyVR or elsewhere… maybe back into some custom fields). I feel I need to build this around Zapier.

    Any thoughts / suggestions?

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