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    I've recently heard tell of vacation rental owners being targeted because of NON-ADA Compliance of their websites.

    The law apparently requires web sites to which requires businesses to make accommodations for people with disabilities in ALL their web content and therefore be accessible to the visually impaired as well as those with hearing disabilities and includes various requirements such as:

    Text to speech feature for videos
    Alt text for all images
    Zoom feature
    Accessibility policy pages

    Apparently, unlike GDPR, The ADA law requires no notice before a lawsuit is filed against a web site owner for non-compliance and it was mentioned in one group that vacation rental owners were being targeted by lawyers for extortion-like law-suits.

    My question is whether others are hearing about this and are there any solutions being implemented through the MYVR platform?



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    Hey Darrell,

    You've noted the bigger points in your post, and whilst this isn't legal advice, but a best practise approach - I would recommend following the following guidelines to make your website as accessible as possible. Whilst accessibility requirements and your responsibility to meet them differ around the world, there are some concrete steps you as a website owner can take to meet any accessibility responsibilities, such as:

    1. Add a relevant page title to each page. We provide a default automatically but it should be relevant to the content on your page.
    2. Add a page description in the advanced options. This can also be advantages to SEO, and should be tailored to the content on your page.
    3. Structure your text with appropriate headings and content. Use consistent heading formatting for custom pages.
    4. When linking external pages, specify the page page you are linking too in the text. IE: See our pet policy.
    5. When adding images, be sure to add alt text in the advanced options to describe the images content. This is not required if the image is purely decorative. It is only important to note if the image is functional. (A door lock location for example).

    Hope that helps!

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